Taking Steps in the Right Direction

At Steady Strides, we offer ABA therapy services to address a wide range of behavioral challenges. Our clinicians provide care to our clients and support their families to ensure successful mastery of important skills.

We work tirelessly to help our clients achieve, in spite of their individual challenges.

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ABA interventions addresses concerns regarding:

Pragmatic Language

Sensory Processing

Language Acquisition

Self-Injurious Behaviors

Self-Stimulatory Behaviors

Social Skills

Personal Care Skills

Our Services Include:

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In order to determine your child's strengths, challenges, and learning methods, a BCBA will conduct a comprehensive initial assessment. The assessor will then develop an individualized treatment plan that includes behavioral strategies and skill mastery goals. Your child's tailored intervention plan will guide their path to success. schedule an assessment

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Home-Based Therapy

At-home ABA therapy provides your child with a familiar, safe environment in which to grow and develop. The skills mastered in therapy will carry over into other settings, enabling your child to thrive wherever they are.

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In-School Support

Our professionals collaborate with your child's school staff to develop effective instructional programs using the ABA methodology. At Steady Strides, we are constantly maximizing opportunities for your child's progress and success.

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A child’s family is at the heart of the therapeutic process. Our team offers real support to equip parents with practical tools and strategies to appropriately respond to their children's behaviors. We center your lifestyle and family dynamics to foster cohesive carryover and consistent results.

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Ongoing Consultation

The effectiveness of therapeutic interventions is constantly monitored and reevaluated to ensure we achieve optimal results. Data is consistently collected by our BCBAs and constant communication is maintained between contributing parties. At Steady Strides, your child's progress is our passion.

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