Invested in
maximizing your child’s potential

Steady Strides carefully selects staff based on their credentials and experience in the field of Autism. We focus on ensuring your child receives the best treatment and that your family has a most supportive experience.

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Our highly skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Therapists (RBTs) collaborate to provide ABA services that are tailored to your child’s needs.

By working consistently with your child and providing parent support throughout the process, our team enables meaningful change that lasts a lifetime.

Steady Commitment
Steady Progress



There isn’t one  person who has all the answers. This is all about the TEAM. We listen first. We depend on feedback from caregivers, educators, and service providers to help guide our work. Our common goal is to see your child succeed in every setting.



Your child isn’t every other child who also happens to have ASD. Your child is an individual, with unique strengths and unique challenges. That’s why we tailor our therapy process to each client. Your child should never have to fit into a cookie-cutter approach.



You’re not ok with just coasting along on autopilot. Neither are we. And so, we are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of our therapeutic process. We never stop tweaking  our game because nothing is more important to us than bringing out your child’s potential.

Experience the Difference

Thousands of children have benefited from ABA interventions,
successfully integrating the skills they master in various settings:

Our Clients Speak

“We were so overwhelmed at the beginning, but your staff helped us get the help we needed so efficiently. We are so proud of our child’s progress!”

Alex’s mom

“Our therapist is fantastic! She is professional and patient, and gives me great tools to use at home. My child waits for her weekly session!”

Natalie’s mom

“We are so grateful to the staff at Steady Strides. Thank you for being there and patiently guiding us every step of the way.”

Justin’s dad